Home Like You

Ein interaktives Hörstück für Zuhause in Zusammenarbeit mit Yunus Ersoy

Transmitted on the radio station JYJ.FM, the program Home Like You guides listeners to engage with and reflect on themselves and their surroundings. The show meanders between hauntings, confrontations, and self-care. Throughout the broadcast, however, other stations glitch onto the same frequency, infecting Home Like You with fictional snippets and short bursts of the outside world.
Home Like You is an audio performance to listen to at home and on your own – preferably on a portable audio device, through headphones. You will need access to a bed, a table, a sink, a window, and pen and paper while listening. Home Like You lasts one hour. If there are other people around you, ask them to give you an undisturbed room for that hour. Follow the instructions to the extent that you are comfortable. You can, of course, pause at any time – if, for example, you need more time to do something than the station allows or if you simply need a moment to reorient yourself and remind yourself that you are safe at home – or stop altogether. If you are not being guided to do anything in particular, you are not being guided to do anything in particular.
Home Like You can be listened to at any time of day. The evening hours, when it is dark outside, however, are especially recommended.

Premiere: 15.01.2021 // Online für das Para-site Festival von der F96
An der Gessnerallee Zürich

Konzept, Text, Stimmen, Sound: Jil Dreyer, Yunus Ersoy, Josef Mehling

Sprachen: Deutsche Version, Englische Version
Dauer: 50 Min