i saw you called?

Story Game / Messenger Stück

"I saw you called?" "Haven’t heard from you in a while." "It’s nice that you reached out." "Back then I always knew what was going on with you."

You’re messaging Sixty-Something. You used to be close; these days it’s more difficult. Over the course of your conversation, the two of you delve deeper into your shared history and work through your concepts of love, body, and identity. The distance makes it harder to find explanations – for your relationship, for the gaps, for the specter that neither of you can pin down. Maybe the answers need to be played out.
Do you want to talk about the games you used to play together? About the year in which Sixty-Something barely spoke? About Margret? Or about the reason you can’t stand that one nickname anymore?
Now and then windows into memory open up as little games, just like the ones in the arcade you used to go to so often.
“i saw you called?” is an interactive story game for your phone.

Konzept, Text, Bild: FEELINGS
Interaction Design, Programmierung: Simon Hüsken
Game Design: FEELINGS & Simon Hüsken
Stimme: Jil Dreyer
Sounddesign: Josef Mehling

Premiere: 15.04.2024 am HAU4

Sprache: Englisch

"i saw you called?" ist eine Produktion von FEELINGS in Koproduktion mit dem Hebbel am Ufer.