To Kiss One Bite

Tanzstück von Mora Vegesture (Ion Bloch Rand, Jil Dreyer, Josef Mehling, Yunus Ersoy)

On a square stage enclosed by spectators, four bodies reconvene and communicate. They use a language formed by scored gestures and shifting constraints on the spoken word (sometimes scripted, sometime improvised). Some of the gestures are connected to violent images – slaps, punches, pushes. Others evoke intimacy – kisses, caressing, holding. Successive structures aim to explore and blur the lines between these gestures and the narrative images they produce through the following choreographic scores: repetition, individuated objectification, vocalization of desire, and physical improvisation. In To Kiss One Bite, Mora Vegesture seeks possible forms of communication that acknowledge the hurt, confusion and excitement brought up by the stories connected to contact while also questioning them – deconstructing them through observation rather than simply reproducing them. The aim is to create the space of a shared confusion and an investigation into the oscillation between our socially shaped identities and an emerging collective body.

Premiere: 29.06.2018 // Rough Proposals Festival @ Mousonturm
Gastspiel: oitopie Festival @ Zirkusquatier in Zurich

Trailer "To Kiss One Bite I" (Theatermaschine Gießen)

Trailer "To Kiss One Bite II" (Rough Proposals, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm FFM)

Trailer "To Kiss One Bite III" (oitopie, zirkusquatier Zürich)