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Interaktive Instagram-Performance von Jil Dreyer

 Tell me about what future means to you. Tell me about the community you want to build. Tell me about the change you want to see. Tell me how you want your story to be told. Tell me how it goes on…

Queer past is erased or hidden so often – let’s imagine a future (and hold on to that).
In a digital 1-on-1 performance Jil Dreyer asks you one question via Instagram Live. A question about queer futures that made it to the surface from the depths of social media. A question of another queer. Questions and answers will become part of a digital mini-archive of Queer Futures.

Premiere: 18.06.2021 // Queer Week am Maxim Gorki Theater

Konzept und Performance: Jil Dreyer
Dramaturgie: Yunus Ersoy
Technischer Support: Helena Bschaden, Josef Mehling

Das Festival PUGS IN LOVE – Queer Week 2021 wurde gefördert aus Mitteln der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa. Kooperationspartner*innen sind in diesjähriger Edition: »Missy Magazine«, »Glitter – die Gala der Literaturzeitschriften«, SIEGESSÄULE, SchwuZ und Drama Panorama: Forum für Übersetzung und Theater e.V..